Pictures of Africa

Pictures of Africa 1 - African people tribal masks
Pictures of Africa 2 - South Africa landscape
Pictures of Africa 3 - Namibia sunset
Pictures of Africa 4 . African continent map
Pictures of Africa 4 - Slavery map ofafrica

Africa is the continent's third longest (behind Asia and America) with approximately 30 million square kilometers, covering 20.3% of the total area of land on the planet.
 It is the second most populous continent on Earth (after Asia) with about 900 million people, representing about one-seventh of world population, and 54 independent countries, although there are colonies belonging to other countries outside the continent, mainly islands eg wood, belonging to Portugal, Ascension Island belonging to the United Kingdom among others.
It has great ethnic diversity, culture and politics. This continent are visible conditions of poverty, and Africa the poorest of all, the thirty poorest countries in the world (with more problems of malnutrition, illiteracy, low life expectancy, etc.). At least 21 are African..  Yet there are few countries with a reasonable standard of living (comparable to a maximum of Bulgaria), so there is no country really developed in Africa..
 The underdevelopment, conflicts between people and the huge social inequalities internal are the result of major changes introduced by European settlers. Currently the most developed African countries are Libya, Mauritius and Seychelles, with qualities of life above that of countries like Brazil, Mexico and Ukraine. There are other African countries with quality of life and indices of reasonable development and may highlight the biggest economy in Africa, South Africa and other countries such as Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Cape Verde and São Tome e Principe.